'Lewis’ approach to painting consciously draws on traditions of abstract art that relate to spirituality and wholeness. His Unique style has developed through years of attentive experimentation and practice, merging process-based generation of painterly marks with measured, interlocking geometric forms.'

Dr Norman Shaw




Scottish born; Lewis grew up in Dumbarton before moving to Dundee pursue a contemporary art degree in which he graduated with a first-class honour in 2020. Lewis won both the James Guthrie Orchar Memorial Prize and the Farquar Reid Trust Prize during the degree show, as well as being selected for the Freelands Painting Prize. Lewis is currently studying an MFA Art & Humanities at DJCAD and was awarded the William S Phillips award- a fund covering his tuition fees as as well as a living cost bursary.

The role of the artist was a natural one for Lewis to play, after the realisation that the society which puzzled him was simply a social construct, a game many of us take too seriously. His work is there for an act of playful awareness, believing that creation is a unique expression of our shared humanity.

A student of Yoga and meditation, these practices greatly inform Lewis work, as the underlying philosophy behind his art is balance- expressed in various ways. Lewis juxtaposes expressive abstract painting and hard-edged geometric compositions to confront the opposites with each other to create a conflicting yet unifying overall work. The universality of abstraction and geometry allows the work to transcend cultural associations: creating an open space for free association and contemplation. Lewis invites you to project your own narrative upon the work.



Any enquiries, comments or questions are welcomed




Lewis Deeney- Hopeful Caution._.jpg
Everyone & No One 1B, 2020, Acrylic on R